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RightWriter works with any text application.


Save yourself hours of proofreading time.

For Windows XP/Vista/7
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How RightWriter® Improves Your Writing

Make your writing clearer, more concise, and more powerful.

When it's time to proofread, RightWriter is your best friend. It finds doubled words, punctuation errors, capitalization mistakes, missed quotation marks, and other mechanical errors, all without you having to read anything. Spelling checkers and even the built in Microsoft Word Grammar Checker do not catch all of these mistakes.

Your writing will improve: GUARANTEED

RightWriter is such a strong tool that it will not only help you proofread your documents, it will help you improve your grammar and writing in 30 days or your money back.

Poor grammar is the prelude to academic and business failure. RightWriter solves grammar problems automatically.


RightWriter includes these features

RightRighter has got itSmartGrammar™ Analysis Engine
RightRighter has got itChecks over 5000 Grammar Rules

Subject-Verb Agreement
Sentence Fragments
Run-On Sentences
Misused Words
Wrong Verb Forms
Difficult Sentences
Split Infinitives
Long Sentence Warning
Weak Sentence Structure
Negative Sentences
Quotation Misuse
Missing Punctuation
And Much More!

RightRighter has got itDetects More Than 25,000 Writing Errors
RightRighter has got itPunctuation Verification
RightRighter has got itSyntax Checking
RightRighter has got itWriting Strength Testing
RightRighter has got itCompatible with all word processors and many other programs
RightRighter has got itAdvanced Spell Checking

Identify correctly spelled but incorrect words(two instead of too)
Identify common and uncommon misspellings
Gives suggestions for a misspelled word based on phonetic(sounds like) matching and ranked by similarity to help you find the right word fast.
Includes over 400,000 words, far more than most word processors.

RightWriter finds doubled words words, punctuation errors,, cApitalization mistakes, missed "quotation marks, correctly spelled words which are the wrong works, (and other syntax and mechanical errors.

RightWriter goes far beyond simple pattern matching and uses the SmartGrammar™ Analysis Engine to identify a variety of grammatical errors.

RightWriter makes a comprehensive analysis of your document so you know how easy or difficult it is for other people to read, how well it uses descriptive words, and even makes structure recommendations.

The Final RightWriter Report Includes

RightRighter has got itReadability Score Graphs
               Shows you the Flesch Index, Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Index and the Fog Index
               ratings for your document which help you improve your document's readability
RightRighter has got itStrength Score
RightRighter has got itDescriptive Word Score
RightRighter has got itJargon Index

RightRighter has got itSentence Structure Recommendations

RightRighter has got itText Statistics(Number of Words, Words per sentence, etc)
RightRighter has got itWords To Review(And the reason you need to review them)


RightWriter Can Help You

RightRighter has got itAvoid Embarrassing Mistakes
RightRighter has got itAppear Intelligent and Capable

RightRighter has got itMake Your Writing Stronger And More Compelling

RightRighter has got itGive Others Confidence In Your Ability
RightRighter has got itImprove Your Grades
RightRighter has got itImprove Your Effectiveness at Work
RightRighter has got itImprove Your Ability To Find a High Paying Job
RightRighter has got itImprove How Clients and Co-Workers See You

RightRighter has got itImprove Your Writing If English Is A Second Language

RightRighter has got itMake Others Take Your Opinions Seriously


"RightWriter is so good, it almost feels like cheating."


You can even select your writing style for a customized and more accurate analysis:

  • General Writing/Business Writing
  • Fiction Writing
  • Technical/Report Writing


RightWriter frees your Creativity

You can be more creative when writing because you do not have to worry about grammar. Let your creativity flow and then let RightWriter find the parts that need to be touched-up.


Here is what RightWriter does NOT do

RightWriter does NOT require Internet Access! You do not have to be connected to the Internet to analyze documents like you do with some other software.

RightWriter does not run constantly in your system tray and monitor your keystrokes and it does not use up your system resources. Load it when you need it, close it when you do not. It does not slow down your computer.

RightWriter does not alter your original documents. You do not have to worry about your original document being corrupted, important information being auto-replaced, wiping out formatting, or accidentally leaving correction notes in your document. RightWriter lets you choose what is changed and what is left alone.

RightWriter does not use Auto-Correction. Beware of any application that includes mass auto-correction. If you have tried mass auto correction for spelling then you already know what a disaster this can be. Correct words and phrases can be replaced with nonsense. Auto-correction can insert mistakes or make your writing sound simple minded. RightWriter allows you to review each change and make sure it is what you want. Just because it is grammatically correct does not mean that is how you want your work to sound. Sometimes you just want to say ain't or yall, and with RightWriter you can choose what to say without worrying about it being taken out. RightWriter puts you in control of your writing while taking away the stress of proofreading.

RightWriter does not plug itself into other software on your computer. Let's face it, you know what happens when everything you install starts plugging code into all of your applications. Nothing works like it should. RightWriter was designed around the idea "Keep It Simple". There is no purpose in our program integrating with 20 programs when you use one for 99% of your writing. RightWriter is designed to work with ALL programs that edit text without adding itself as a button or putting code in your applications. RightWriter does not need to integrate with any other software because it uses the two universal input methods that are standard for all editing programs, copy/paste and text files.

RightWriter Helps You Write Better

How can RightWriter put money in your pocket?

You may not think that grammar and money work together but they do. Students will face an employer on the other side of a desk and that employer will look at your grades as well as your introduction letter. They will decide to hire you or not based on those. If your grammar is poor in school, your grades will be lower because teachers will count off points in English classes for the grammar problem itself and in other classes the teacher may not understand what you are trying to say which will cost you more points. Any employer will immediately toss out a job application by someone who submits a cover letter with grammar or spelling errors on it. The employer cannot let this person represent their company to clients or the public with such poor grammar skills. That leaves the student searching for employment locked out of the high paying jobs automatically because they cannot communicate effectively.

Business writers must communicate by email, write proposals and job quotes, send memos. It never ends. We live in a society that depends on communications and high paying clients will never accept a job quote from someone with bad grammar. A sales letter with grammar errors will never sell anything. It will be thrown in the trash because the reader will immediately dismiss the sender as incompetent.

When you write for a blog, your website, or even respond to someone on a message board, you want to be taken seriously. If your response is filled with grammar errors...well...you know what will happen. The resulting flame-war will completely distract everyone from the message in your post. No one will see anything in your words except the errors. If you want to be taken seriously, you must be able to express yourself using proper grammar. Those who express opinions using bad grammar are immediately dismissed by readers as uneducated, ignorant, or plain stupid.

Websites that sell items are doomed by bad grammar. Customers who see even one serious grammar error on the main page of a website will immediately distrust the site owner and go elsewhere. Grammar is critical to effective business communications and bad grammar can cut a website's sales to a fraction of what they would be with good grammar.


Three Easy Steps Will Fix Your Grammar Problems

Step 1: Pick the text you want to analyze.

In this example we will analyze the text in a Microsoft® Word document but the same procedure can be used with any program that processes text(Word Processors, Web/HTML, Text Editors, etc.).

Select the text. You can use any method, either load the file using File/Load, or copy and paste the text into the window. Use Edit/Select All, or Ctrl-A, to select all of the text.

Improve Your Grammar

You can resize the RightWriter window to any size you wish. RightWriter is compatible with any program that uses text, Word Processors, Web Design Tools, Notepad, Blogs, Email, Anything.

Step 2: Copy the text to RightWriter(or load your text file).

Click the Paste button in RightWriter or Drag and Drop the selected text in the RightWriter analysis window.

Improve Your Grammar Instantly

Step 3: Click Analyze

RightWriter will analyze the text and generate a report showing everything that needs to be fixed. Simply return to the original document and make any needed corrections. That's it, you're done.

RightWriter Grammar Analysis Report

If you need more information, or you are unsure what an error message means, simply move the mouse over the message to see a detailed explanation as shown in the above pop-up information box. RightWriter not only identifies grammar errors, it points out areas where you can improve your writing for a better, easier to understand, and more meaningful writing result.

Below is the summary page which shows you an analysis of your writing. This page will help you improve your writing style and make it easier to understand. It includes Readability Indexes(Flesch, Flesch-Kincaid, Fog) and the page explains what those ratings mean and how you can use them to improve your writing. It includes other useful graphs which help you determine if your use of adverbs is normal or too wordy, if your use of industry jargon will cause confusion, the relative strength of your writing, and it gives specific recommendations on how to improve the overall document.

Right Writer Grammar Fix Summary

As you explore the features in RightWriter, you will quickly see it is the best writing analysis tool to solve your writing problems. This page has shown you only a small sample of RightWriter's capabilities. Many of the features are automatic and do not require you to do anything other than click the Analyze button. RightWriter takes it from there and then gives you the answers. Now that you've seen some of what RightWriter can do, you are ready to begin using it on your own documents. I know that your writing will improve quickly when you use RightWriter on a regular basis.

Improves your grammar skills

RightWriter software does more than just fix grammar problems. As you use it to make corrections, you will naturally begin to remember common problems and avoid them in your writing. RightWriter will make suggestions to improve the strength and power of your writing and you will find yourself using those suggestions when you write normally which avoids the need for corrections later.

This is why you were forced to write papers in school and then the teacher marked them up with a red pen. The teacher wanted you to learn from those mistakes and avoid them on the next test. RightWriter also shows you how to improve with every document you write, but without that nasty red pen.

SPECIAL BONUS: If you order now, you will also receive a free eBook of William J. Strunk's Elements of Style. This is THE grammar standard. In only 45 pages, it summarizes the most common grammar errors and how you can avoid them. This is a limited time offer so don't miss your free eBook bonus, click the button below now. Strunk Elements of Style free eBook PDF

Get your copy of RightWriter now and begin checking your writing. You will be surprised how many errors you find. Start writing the right way. Click the below button.


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